Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eco-Friendly Mall in Shah Alam

Some Shah Alam's dwellers may already heard about this new mall in shah alam area* at Bukit Jelutong to be precised. This post was stuck as draft since 25th Nov. Since i have lots of time now, here u go.

From the outside, the mall seems huge and yes it is big from the inside too. When i entered,it was surprise as no shops were opened. There are only MBO cinema, food court and a supermarket. What is the point to officially open the mall when there barely any shops (it's a freaking 'shopping' mall after all) . The open shop lots can be counted not more than 5. The investor really took the risk. Hope they will succeed.

The interior exudes simplicity in design with lots of space in ground floor *ooh that's is where the mall got its name. This is the eco-friendly concept mall where they used lots of natural energy and source as possible. The roof hold the solar panel which generates the electricity and only allow the light penetrates not the heat. The engineers created a building that so spacious so the heat won't trap.The airy corridors cool down the mall. It managed to make the visitors feel comfortable with cool breeze. This mall didn't installed air-conditioner but the shops do as MBO cinema does have air-conditioner installed.

The spacious area is suitable for big events including the recent wedding fair organized there. The fountain helps to cool the environment* that's what i've read. There are few new shops opened from my recent visit like Pharmacy, Optical shop, Cool Blog and Al-Ikhsan. There will be Subway, Tutti Frutti, and Avon which will be opened soon.

This big fan will regulate the heat with the cool breeze. It creeps me a bit as it reminds me of Final Destination's movies.

The only cinema in Shah Alam *Bukit Tinggi and Bukit Raja are in Klang. During the grand opening, they did free movie promotion but for selected movies only. I prefer their popcorn compare to GSC. Theirs are more caramelised and crunchy* but still can't beat Garret Popcorn. There also lots of combo and foods to choose. The first movie i watched here was Breaking Dawn * with my friends+major votes.

How to get there??? It's a same route to Politeknik Shah Alam, but you have to go straight until you see the large building with Space U8 signboard on your right. Then make a U-turn at the traffic light. The parking is free at the moment and the valet service is provided. Be careful if you travel at night to Bukit Jelutong, girls,do ensure you are accompanied.


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Of course tiada apa dapat menandingi Garrett popcorn. Popcorn syurga bak kata orang. hahahaa

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