Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Riz...Again!!!

Riz's second birthday celebration with cake and some close friends.
Been busy at the moment with final exam and FYP so I just make a simple entry...Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy birthday Aidildbhari!!!

Few hours back was Aidil's 25th birthday! He's one hardworking and busy man. It was challenging to make his surprise birthday. It was all planned in last minute due to Aidil's schedule. He said he will be in One Utama around 8pm. We had to rush to OU to find the place and cake. After we found this less crowded place we ordered and asked the waiter to set the cake. The food arrived before Aidil and since we were starving, we ate without Aidil.The food was ok. After waiting about half an hour, Aidil arrived and said he just had his dinner at Chili's *demyu and he's already full. He don't even order the drink *tot goin to belanja. We signaled  the waiter to bring out the cake and tadaaa enjoy the pictures below. 

If you guys wondering who Aidil is, you can go to berfikir|terfikir|memikir.

Bday Boy Surprise reaction
Bday cake
Ali Jo, Riz & Aidil

Ali Jo, Rizal & Aidil

Before and After arrival of bday boy
P/S: Untungla dapat BB dari NL.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up Turned to Advance Birthday Gift

Yesterday Zuhry came to Shah Alam to do some shopping preparation before going abroad and Riz's birthday is coming this June so Zuhry wanted to throw a small celebration with 3 of us as he won't be around on Riz's birthday. We went to Pavilion and went straight up to Ben's on level 6. We chose to dine at the balcony as the view was great and its ambiance was fantastic. Maybe I'll review about the food on different post.
Rizal, Riz & Zuhry

I really like this Lemon Meringue Pie. It blends sweet and sour taste  perfectly.

The view from our table

After that we went to look for Zuhry's stuff. He needed a travelling bag. It took almost 2 hours and 4 shops to find the right beg. Well at least he knows he's buying something worth the money. 

We bought macarons for Riz as it is his special day. We saw this small interesting shop selling cookies and cakes. It's Delectable by Su. They have this giant macarons with 6 interesting flavours. Zuhry bought the Latte Coffee and Salted Chocolate as it's claimed as the best seller flavours. The cakes look different and  intriqued me plus the price is reasonable. What make their products saleable and interesting are because of their packaging and presentation.
Giant Macarons
The cakes
Nice packaging
The box

Handful size macaron

                         After fulfilling our desire of food, it was time for an early birthday present. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Me as Guinea Pig

While we're waiting for our lab to open, 2 girls wearing lab coat approached us asking if we can be their food tester. (we were amused that they see us as guinea pigs but what the hell)  It was 5.30pm and I was hungry cause of diarrhea (had too much popcorn last night i guess). When we've reach in front of Food Technology's Lab, the girl informed us that we'll be testing pearl jelly (think Coolblog). I'm like WHAT!?!, oh damn, I thought we'll be testing 'real' food. I've been to their Food Fair before and I've tested  their meatball, ice cream and candy, and today all we got to test is only this jelly pearl thing. 
Well back to our main agenda, we were instructed to test all cups contained with this jelly pearl and evaluate it in terms of taste, appearance, colour etc. It's not made from tapioca like usual  and Atikah asked what is it made from but they won't tell.  
Testing Booth

Testing Equipment
Test Subjects 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Double Surprises Double The Happy-ness


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